Ingress: Tangier report #6

Tangier 09 / 08 / 2016:
      Eglise Tanger <=> Symbol Cannan Espagnol
      Nafora de Commonda Provo <=> Museum Discours
      Nafora de Commonda Provo <=> Cinema Rif
      Museum Discours <=> Cimetiere Allemand
      Mosk Commonda Provo <=> Mosk Entry Commonda Provo
      Bab Fahs <=> Nafora de Commonda Provo
      Bab Fahs <=> Teatro Cervantes
      Mosque Tanger <=> Mosque Falaise
      Eglise Tanger <=> Anno 1639 Espagnol
      Eglise Tanger <=> CESIM
      Anno 1639 <=> Mosque Tanger

      Gallery Ibn Khaldoun
      Museum Discours
      Place Cimetiere Allemand
      Statut Elisa Robinet
      Mosk Comonda Provo
      Nafora de Commonda Provo
      Bab Fahs
      Teatro Cervantes
      Mosque Falaise
      Eglise Tanger

Tangier 13 / 08 / 2016:
*Took over 2 enemy's portals, after 1:24 minutes of attacks.:
      Sculpture Plage(DisStrexs)
      Tanger Phare (Squirlo)

* (Adilsauvage) capptured a new portal at; Gare Tanger Ville by deploing 2 resonators, I assisted him with other 6 resonators.

      Phare sur la Plage <=> Eglise de Tanger
      CESIM <=> Phare sur Plage
      CESIM <=> Sculpture Plage     
      Mosque de la Falaise <=> Anno 1639 Espagnol
      Mosque de la Falaise <=>Phare sur Plage
      Cervantes Teatro <=> Mosque Tanger
      Cervantes Teatro <=> Mosque de la Falaise
      Cinema Rif <=> Cervantes Teatro
      Mosk Entry Commonda Provo <=>Nafora de Commondo Provo
      Mosk Entry Commonda Provo <=> Cinema Rif
      Musee Discours Tanger <=> Nafora de Commondo Provo
      Phare Plage <=> Grande Mosque Tanger
      Sculpture Plage <=> Gare Ville
      Cinema Rif <=> Gallery Ibn Khaldoun
      Bab Fahs <=> Tanger Phare Plage
      Mosque Tanger <=> Mosk Entry Commonda Provo
      Mosque Tanger <=> Cinema Rif
      Mosque Tanger <=> Museum Discours Tanger

*Resonators destroyed: 8

Tangier 14 August 2016, Current status: 
 Key Enlighteners in Tangier at the moment: Adilsauvage, Carameled, doudiiiiiiii.
Captured Portals -Tangier : ENL 21, RES 2
Incaptured Protals -Tangier : 4