Ingress, one the best augmented reality game out there, based on GPS location game play and a Google(/+)/Gmail required in order to log in and play. The game at first might be confusing and hard to understand but once you read about it and try it out you will discover its secrets bit by bit till you get hang of it and ultimately, fall in love with it.
If you think you can accomplish the game with your talents as a gamer or you have high appraisal to yourself that you can do everything by yourself and surpass everyone then you're definitely wrong if you stll now believe so, this game ain't for you because you don't have required level to do so, this game can't be achieved successful until you got back-ups more members, the higher effective you'll be (especially when you reach level 8, I have been playing th game for years but still didn't achieve it due work and education).

So what is Ingress? Ingress isn't a normal game, it in fact real thing, involve your real life, your city, region, THE WORLD is your play ground, enemies and allies are real people and seeking the same thing as you, you need to be fit, adventurous by taking risks, wear comfortable clothes pack some water bottles, snack and go out for hours exploring portals; unique places and some that you never knew even where they're clos to you but didn't notice!


Human race discovered new elements related to far-future technology and advanced matters such as portals and resonators, but one thing that ruled them all; Exotic Matter (XM) considered as some transmitting data, those data appears very mysterious hiding secrets that still need to be figured out (communicating aliens, space-time operations...) NIA a top secret agency launched a project to analyse the subject.

Dr. Ezekiel Calvin a neurobiologist started the project took and Yuen Ni took charge of project, Calvin had observed the "inspirational" effect XM had on his NIA colleague who  discovered puring the preliminary project that XM came from portals, Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. 
Calvin proposed assembling a team of "sensitives", people they believed to become unusually productive and inspired in the presence of XM.    The team assembled was:

- Carrie Campbell, a symbologist
- Dr. Devra Bogdanovich,
- Enoch Dalby, a musician
- Henry "Hank" Johnson, a documentary filmmaker and ex-soldier
- Misty Hannah, identified as a psychic.- Roland Jarvis, a sculptor
- Yuri Alaric Nagassa, a physicist

Also, Lynton-Wolfe is chief engineer of the project. He has developed a powerful AI passing the Turing Test to assist in the project. It was dubbed ADA, for "a detection algorithm", as well as a way to turn smartphones into "XM scanners". At first this required a special chip, now it seems it doesn't. A major goal of the project seems to be to gather more XM for Lynton-Wolfe to study/use as adderall.

The team was assembled at CERN, since it was the location of a known portal.

Lynton-Wolfe keeps developing XM-related technology at a rapid pace: resonators, to gather and store XM from portals, XMP bursters, to blow away these resonators if necessary, and shields to protect resonators from XMPs. These behave quite oddly, doing things like duplicating themselves at portals. Devra is quite upset with his recklessness.

The sensitives hang around to test the scanner app, talk of their experiences to ADA, and report the effects it may have on them. At one point, they discover a message from the portal containing Jarvis' voice, saying vaguely disturbing things. When they confront Jarvis with it, he says he never said that, and ADA determines he isn't lying.

Then one of Lynton-Wolfe's experiments go wrong, and the sensitives team (except Hank Johnson, who is away on leave making a documentary) are bathed in a very large dose of XM. They have some strange experiences, having a vision of a face in the portal - they react very differently to it. Immediately, Debra and Jarvis (who are quite friendly) come to the conclusion that they must escape the project. They rush off on Jarvis' bike, pursued by NIA agents. They split up, planning to meet up later at the Zurich railway station.

However, Devra is prevented from meeting up there. Jarvis isn't, and there he meets up with a Devra-lookalike. He understands it's a trap, but too late-both Jarvis and the lookalike are shot and the bodies whisked away by NIA agents.

We get to know who sent the lookalike, and had her and Jarvis killed: ADA. Devra, on the other hand, has been protected and allowed to escape by ADA. She doesn't know this, but she suspects someone (her "guardian angel") protects her, that didn't protect Jarvis. She deliberately "loses" her phone to gadget thieves on the train from Zurich, hoping to pass on this protection to others.

Meanwhile, NIA find out that Jarvis didn't quite die like he was supposed to. His body keeps repairing itself during the autopsy, and at portal locations, messages appear to be coming from him, insisting that he is not dead, and warning to "prepare for the enlightenment".

Devra's lost phone turns up in the first viral promotion video from Niantic. The scanner app is leaked to the public, and as Ada (and Devra?) intended, they can use it to "protect" themselves and others from XM. However, Jarvis is also out there is some shaped form, and through some sort of virus he offers an alternate vision: embrace the full power of XM/shapers on your own terms, rather than the NIA's - and spread it. Those are the two factions, the Resistance and Enlightenment respectively.

In real life, the factions occasionally ignore the plot and co-operate for the sake of real-life gameplay and balancing powers for instance, by establishing neutral zones and rules of engagement; for training new players; for socializing; and occasionally for serious real-life purposes such as honouring fallen heroes.

 Game Concept:

The game start by choosing one team out of two, ENL a.k.a Enlightened(Green) an RES as Resistance (Blue), those organisations have members known as Agents across the globe (Players).
The ENL and RES are opposing factions whom control over XM and fight over it thinking of that will uplift human race and take them to a whole new generation that never existed before and achieve an ultimate freedom basing on their concepts and ideology (already mentioned in last paragraph in the plot.

Portals are scarred around the world, historical places, monuments, art works, famous spots, etc. agents are supposed to capture portals and deploy resonators and MODs  in order to protect it you need to level them up, Agents from same faction need to co-operate to re-fill (recharge resonators or/and deploy them), link captured portals to create control fields of mind units (MUs), capture enemies portals by destroying their resonators and eliminate their MU control fields.

You acquire weapons depending on levels L1 to L8 like Busters and Stricks, capsules to stock inventories, portal keys, some media informations, mods to protect portals or help to hack efficiently, power cube to increase XM bar, power-ups.

Agent name: Carameled (ENL Faction)