The technology guy (A.k.a Fat Kid/Guy)

This mysterious character in the game shows up in every generation talking about the new trends of technologies and how incredible it is, usually he talks about new hardware; transfers via PC and such things, this person weirdly is known and yet forgotten as he is not involved much involved in the story and doesn't give any additional informations (or items) but yet he appears in each version of pokemon games at the beginning, the weird thing is that Nintendo doesn't forget about him or give us any information why that guy in there, or his name?

A hacker made a game based on Emerald ROM base to create a gameplay following a fan fiction story of him titled "Pokemon Fat Kid Edition" retelling his story in a named region to searching technology related subject, facing issues and obstacles with his starter (Porygon), you can check out the thread on Pokecommunity:
I don't know how and why this character is there and talking about technology every time, but there is only one thing suspicious about him... He crossed paths with many heroes and legendary trainers.