Habbo: Best room builders ever!

Habbo world that we already spoke about it in previous articles, the infamous virtual website that offers many experiences to players; romance, games, discussions, RPG and many other activities.
But one of the most basic concepts of Habbo are Room Building! In this article, we will list the best room builders in entire Habbo! The list is based on the reputation of Habboers, quality and theme, so this is the top list of Habbos and members of community that made great Habbo rooms and considered as Best Habbo Builders.

With a dot at the end! An amazing designer, with a beautiful vision and imagination, having more than 10 unbelievable rooms in the hotel, with very very expensive furnis and extremely rare. Each room has its own creativity and topic that it covers, it quite shocking that people visit much or rather don't know about it at all.

Her rooms are all University related themes such as dorms, classes and student life, her rooms are fairly populated and loved by a lot of fans.

This guy became infamous because one of his rooms "Habbo Street's" pride of Habbo! most of noobs or old ones come to this room to RPG or to show off their BUMP (if they got anything special to show off about it).

His point is to give more value to the items, for instance one of his rooms is a bazzare, consisting many antique items and furnis that you won't see everywhere...

This guy has a wild and very imperial rooms, crazy ideas and innovative as fuck! one is the pura mini bar castle which it is one of the best rooms ever on Habbo that no one can remake nor even a close... explore his rooms, even there are 3 or 4 but definitely worth visiting!

Not only special by his rare username or his old skool shit, but his building skills also, his rooms are bit populated compared to the previous ones but he also deserve to be one of hall of fames when it comes to Habbo's best builders around, just look at this beautiful and peaceful room...