Rockman: The legendary reploid series

The true, canon events of the Rockman / Megaman series are more clear, once played you will understand the timeline of this fascinating story, and sadly, not completed yet...
Begening from the five main series of GameBoy under Rockman World, and the continuation to the great wars of mavericks in the Rockman Xtreme series, after hundred years begins events of Rockman Zero  where It finishes by a tragedy... couple hundred years in a developed world It takes place for the Rockman ZX Advent series.

¦¦ The main Series ¦¦ Rockman World ¦¦ Original X Era ¦¦
Believe It or not, Rockman was the first game I ever played in a handy console, after all the first release of Rockman on Game Boy was the year of my birth, Ha? faith isn't It? It's true that I played Rockman on NES or Super Nintendo console, SNES. But I loved the story so much on GB than the NES, the game was well made in design, story and the events were organised, the series starts with:

Rockman World : Dr. Wily's Revenge: In this episode, Rockman start (as usual) by defeating the main 4 Robots. Cut Man, this guy's stage was really hard for me when I was kid, I couldn't even reach the boss LOL! so I always left him till the last, so I start by Elec Man whom was I think the easiest and then I head to Ice Man which was normal, and the boss is easily defeated when you got Thunder Beam from the Electric Man, and when you got Ice weapon You redirect to Fire Man who is so weak, and get frozen by every Ice Slasher, piece of cake AHAA! and finally the robot a.k.a Cut Man, kicking his ass with soulja hot fire (a.k.a SouljahotFire ~fiiiiree!!!); When It comes to the next 4, Bubble man, Heat Man, Flash Man and Quick Man. this last one is pain in the ass, so I always hated him.  and finally you acces to Enker, (N.B. I kicked this guy's ass with Heat Man's Atomic Fire, which It's ressemble to Mega Buster from the Serie IV in size and Serie III in term of color. after defeating Wily's giant robot machine, He flees under the chaos of destruction of the bulding without noticing.
The think I disliked is using that ''Ca'' in order to reach high places, which It sucks when miss clicked or clicked sooner, so you waste WP or Weapon Points plus wasting time.

Rockman World II: This one is epic, I classify It second under the IV, the sounds are amazing, I love the OST provided in the whole stages.

The thing I loved so much to make It my 2nd best is new features, as using E or Energy Tanks to refill your HP, plus replacing that old shity ''Ca'' which is replaced with Rush Marine, Coil and Jet!

Bosses are well drawn, beginning with Clash (Crash) Man, Metal Man, Wood and Air Man, I think the hardest in difficulty as an overall was Metal Man. then RockMan heads up to Wily's robot factory, and get caught on a room where It leads to 4 destinations, each one has a robot, well they were so easy, after defeating them, a robot from a peaceful future comes who looks similar to Rockman called Quint, riding a jumping driller called Sakugarne.   Rockman heads up to Wily's headquarter to face him, but there is a long awaiting road, diving under the water with Rush Marine, Using Rush Jet to fly where ever you want (this feature is disabled in the further series, which Rush Jet keeps going straight forward. and finally Rush Coil, I love this guy, heheh supper juuummpp!!  and again after defeating Dr. Wily, He get's away.

Rockman World III:  I enjoyed playing this episode It takes few months from the Rockman World II, It's has more action and not as much laggy as the previous and the graphics are more improved and much faster responding to the controles, and now Rockman has -taa daaaa- ''Mega Buster X'' improved to power Up by charging, not too much strong but It's better than those dots* in the previous episodes duuh, as the classics you defeat the first 4 robots but this time there is a robot appear before the next 4, and It is troublesome, yea yea I kicked his ass and continued my road till I crossed and defeating the next 4 robots, once you reach Dr. Wily's station, You find him standing in his laboratory, you try to run into him, but a wild Robot appears; Punk! well He is a punk Lol, so Punk leads Rockman to an other place to fight to death, Rockman choose If He goes after Punk or Dr. Wily, after all He decide to go after the dangerous Punk before He does something bad to the humans, after defeating him you head to Wily's to kick his ass with Punk powers you get from his Chip, Screw Crusher to crush Wily's ass... guess what? Dr. Wily escapes again!!!!!! @= @= @=

Rockman World IV: MY BEST ONE OF THEM ALL!       Perfect graphics, perfect design, the sound quality epic for 8-bits GB game, story, weapons the new elements added like W-Tanks or Weapon Tanks, computer managing to charge up the weapons whom have low W points plus a partner shows up after collecting cyber chips ''BEAT'' and also your other partner Proto Man shows up time to time in the game to give you few power ups.

I firstly defeat Toad Man, and getting his rain like power( I love rain), Bright Man is the next, Its move is really awesome, the flash stops the time, and It works clearly on Pharaoh Man and using the Toad Man's ability to stop the quick sand, once defeated you get a great weapon from It specially when you charge It up, the Ring Man, I usually leave him to the last, but sometimes I begin with.  You then go to the a far away forest or landscape to stop a gigantic battleship, once stopped you get automatically transported  to the main entry, you fight a weird antenna ''Satellite Cannon'', passing through It you find a place filled with gas tanks and harmful to Rockman so you need to destroy them and clear the way without getting touched but the gas just after clearing your way Ballad, a killing machine robot appears from no where, you start an epic fight with It with defeating him, as the other classics, other 4 robots shows up with upgrades and difficulty increased both in dungeons and the Boss fight; Crystal man, Charge Man, Stone and Napalm MEN. once defeated, Ballad shows up for revenge, in this time will be more harder, as He is upgraded and improved his skills. a fearsome fight starts, It finishes by Ballad's explosion, Rockman leaves with Ballad's remaining on the fight place. Dr. Light call Rockman for emergency: ''Dr. Wily is launching a all out war on the earth with his newly made robots and a big spaceship...''. Our hero get's into Rush Jet (Spaceship enhanced version) to the spaceship, cutting his way trough missiles and robot soldiers, till He fights those robots Dr. Light warned him, It turned out to be perfect copies of the defeated 8 robots, so you start defeating them with their weakness. It wasn't that hard taught... Rockman go in in the big maze of that gigantic spaceship until He reach the bottom floor with a wide area, while running... a big Wily's like robots shows up from nowhere and attacks, when Rockman destroy his upper torso, his head falls off and start again attacking by ulras sonic waves and head butts, again, the hero destroy It for good, the shock is that Dr. Wily was controlling it from the inside, and this time Dr. Wily attacked by himself with his flying lil UFO, you kick his bum by Ballad's main weapon, once defeated, Dr. Wily's is cornered and has no where to leave, and then He starts begging Rockman... Heyy waitt, is He mocking me?? Just like that Dr. Wily escape with a rope linking him with a emergency escape device in his back bag.

Rockman World V:  This one is more enjoying, after all this is the master piece made by Keiji Inafune and Tokuro Fujiwara, and the final episode of the 5 main original story telling series of Rockman X before the appearance of Zero and the start of the Cyber Elf wars, this episode contain new features as a new weapon for megaman which his arm can ditching and attaching It again while firing out his mega buster , a new partner cat (tiger like :D awweesome) ''Tango'', new Chips or plates that power up the mega buster by make It cling into enemy more plus getting items that are away from Rockman's reach and S Tank is usefull in order to restore all weapons including Rockman's HP.
The story starts by the world is in peace for a while after Rockman World IV events, in a scene, Rockman and Roll walking together in a beautiful day in beautiful green land, fresh air a pretty view of mountains... suddenly an alien robot appears, It called Itself Terra?, Rockman immediately protect Roll while She is escaping, Terra demand a battle against the infamous Rockman and treating him to became his slave, our hero start firing but the bullets don't effects Earth, then again He charge up fires his unbelievable Mega Shot upgraded from previous serie, but... It doesn't have any effect??? BOOM Terra made a surprise attack with his Spark chaser, Rockman fall into oblivion (thinking about It It is the first time Rockman lost a battle with a robot in the entire series) until Dr. Light came to rescue him and made an even more powerful weapon for his Mega Buster Arm.

So the game start by defeating 4 alien robots known under ''Stardoids'' named after the galaxy;s planets (Milky-way), and from here an epic adventure starts, first you fight on earth, defeating Mars, Venus, Mercury and Neptune, so Rockman hears about a weird creature appeared near of the airport, Terra appears again, but He didn't fight, instead He called a weird creature known as Dark Moon, the main character defeat It and got back to Dr. Light's laboratory to get information about the location of Earth the robot, riding the Spaceship Rush Jet to the space, and fighting the other 4 of stardoids in their planets, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Saturn. and then Rockman heads up to Terra in an named planet or maybe a meteorite, where the fight take place, the fight gets heater and heater until it comes to Its conclusion, Rockman wins and heads to  Skull Blazer's spaceship where Stardroids's headquarters located, on the way in space Rockman avoids the falling meteorites and Skull blazer's beams and destroy Its sensors till the gate is opened, and again cut his way through many obstacles and mazes till He reach the 5 stages of Rockman killers, from the previous series, in his way, you can notice a lot of copies in make of the previous RockorMegaman killers, which means the Stardoid ship was preparing a full scale war on planet earth. However, Rockman successfully defeat them one by one, Enker, Quint, Punk and Ballad, and again He cut his way through many robot soldiers and spiky roads till He reaches a teleporter, the 8 copies of previous defeated stardroids appears in 8 capsules which each one leads to the boss dungeon, once defeated, Rockman go to the last stage of this grand war, on the way, giant robot knuckles attacks from no where, Rockman tries his best to destroy the two knuckles and reach the final battle of the war, Brain Crusher start attacking in a place full of bombs and spikes, Rockman manage to destroy Its low core, Dr. Wily's appears inside It! WHHATT THE F.? You again?!! Wily make It even harder and the place get's more smaller and spiky, hard to avoid those multiple shoots, Rockman barely wins in that strict situation. Dr. Wily try to escape with his damaged UFO, but He can't run far away, Rockman follows him, Dr. Wily start laughing, and reveals of an ancient Robot of old times that cannot be defeated... Wily's click the bottom and the forgotten robot start showing up from the ground, the robot attacks rapidely, Rockman get surprised and get on guard, but..wai?wait!!? The robot attacked Wily, but why?? The robot reveal himself as Sungod, a forbidden Stardroid that destroys everything, that why He was sealed in there, and then a legendary battle starts Dr. Wily leaves in a worthless condition, the battle gets heater and heater, Sungod has no weapon that really has a great impact on him, and He got many moves and abilities, with the great intensity of the fight, the floors get's smashed over and over, the battle gets from a place to an other, Rockman wins barely the fight and Sungod is critically damaged, and his circuits became unstable to continue the fight, infact It had only few minutes to explode, telling Rockman that robots are meant to fight, but Rockman explains that He doesn't have to fight, and that He chose to protect human, and believes that humans and robots can live in peace. Sungod was too late for him and recommended Rockman to escape before the whole Skull Blaze Spaceship explode. Rockman does as Sungod says and flee on his Rush Jet, at the end of game Rockman shows up laying on ground looking at the stars and thinking of his previous battles, and DING-DONG, He remember Dr. Wily's outcome.. He went to investigate, on the road Rockman finds Dr. Wily in his heavily damaged UFO, He attacks but the UFO falls apart and trying to flee, Rockman race after him... and the credits scrolls up.

¦¦ A sequel ¦¦ Rockman Xtreme Series ¦¦ Maverick wars era & a new legendary reborn Zero! ¦¦

There is 2 plots in this series the first:  Cyber Mission  and the Soul Eraser, with a Gameboy Color quality and a good quality sound 8-bits from Super Nintendo media sounds, the fight starts by a story of hacking the mother computer and retrieving data from  the past and the deleted datas that were dleted after being hacked by the Mavericks, Rockman under the name of X start his battles with his fellow partners from Hunter Headquarter or Base (HH or HB) along side with the newly born legend known as Zero.
Months passes and a new phenomenon started, all robots around the world got their data* (memories and personalities erased), both plots take places in various locations as Laguz Island, Area D, Z or area Zero  where they will be also mentioned and played in there in the upcoming releases.together with some maverick fights about cybering, in future will be known as the legendary Maverick Wars about Elfs and Omega.
The two legendary reploids X and Zero take their way separately, X stays to defend human and peaceful reploids and then found a new city where there will be freedom and Zero's fate is unknown... There is an other Gameboy Rockman know as DX3 rumored to be the third part of Xtreme but It looked non-canon to me.

¦¦ New world, New story ¦¦ Rockman Zero Series ¦¦ Zero is reborn, the legendary Rockman (X) is... ¦¦

To be honest, I didn't hear about the announcement of this game in 2002-4, until i found about It in 2007, I was pretty amazed, and I was oh this is Zero??? But what about X? anyways let's play!! Heheheh (=

The game's plot takes 100 years after the previous sequel, as I mentioned before, Rockman (or known as X) founded a city of peace 'Neo Arcadia', and then a young human girl 'Ciel' made a copy of the legendary reploid Rockman under the name of  'Copy X', but at the game no one noticed that He was a mere of a copy, neither the copy Itself, and created from X's DNA 4 strong robots : the Guardians of Neo Arcadia... the fate of Rockman himself was unknown at the beginning...

Rockman Zero I and II: Ciel was hunted by Golems whom want to use her 'Ciel System' to produce more energy for their own purpose (At this time Ciel wasn't affilated to Neo Arcadia, and She was afraid that this energy will be used in a wrong/evil way, which means they were hunting her under Copy X command), where they reach area Z or Zero, where they found Zero's body in an abandoned remains of an old laboratory, Ciel used a Cyber Elf to repair him immediately, and POOF! Zero's fixed! standing tall... bad news, He lost his memories... arggghh so disappointing, even so He was badass and cool, Ciel asked Zero's help to protect her and lead her to the teleporter in order to go to the 'resistance base', in his way, He fought a Golem but Zero's equipement were so fragile and weak, but a cyber character similar to Cyber Elves appeared and helped Zero by droping hi a Z-Saber- a hot caliber energy sword used only by Zero, this last asked who was It, but didn't got the reply...yet.
However, Zero defeated the Golem, and got asked by Ciel to help, He accepted, -Taa daaaa- here the action starts and the secrets of the current world of humans and robot about to be explored. He keeps fighting the Neo Arcadian forces in order to suppress their motives, while the resistance were known as extremists  by Neo Arcadia as they are trying to start a war with the peaceful city.   Zero confort the guardians; Harpuia, Fenfir, Levianthan and Phantom in a dangerous fights and wins all of them without defeat. and the destroys ''Copy X'' in a decisive fight.

Zero goes wandering in borders of Neo Arcadia so exhausted, in a instand large fleet of Robots appears and start attacking... Months later, a new resistance founded and 'Resistance Base' joined forces with them they leader was Elpizo, Zero has being found by Harpuia and took him near to his new resistance headquarter, being fixed and came back to his duty, but It turned out that Elpizo was dragged by the will to become powerful, so He seaked the Babies Elves and the Dark a.k.a Mother Elf for ultimate power, yeah yeaaa He will find It at the end, but this is the shock; the Dark Elf is sealed inside our legendary Rockman or X!! The f**king Elpizo destroys our beloved Rockman and obtain the Dark Elf, Zero was there just standing like pussy while his amigo get stabbed... the final fights start and Zero wins.. yea... Do you call It a win? naah dawg...

Rockman Zero III: My favorite part of this series, many upgrades and new weapons booyah!! soo much ACTON! Zero, Ciel and few Resistance members were investigating a mountainous area in cold, foggy, hailly weather. and there They will find a gigantic sword, that sword of Omega, but at this time It was still a mystery... Zero hears strange sounds and He runs toward It leaving the his teammates behind, while Zero's reaching the place, they got attacked by Neo Arcadia, but nothing happened as there was a truce between Resitance and Neo Arcadia at the time. Zero cut through his enemies till He reach the Boss floor, The weak Lavianthan, Fenfir laying on the group berely fighting the all mighty Omega, Zero save their asses by bumming the Omega and the Sage Harpuia gives him the finish blow, but Omega is still resisting, Harpuia was going to finish him for good, but a mysterious man appeared, GUESS WHO?? the freaking Dr. Weil!! yeah yyeeaahh after 100 hundred years, He is still alive inside machines and cables LOL! Eww creep!

But Harpuia is a good guy, peace lover didn't listen for the sake of the Neo Arcadia, just before lunching his attack, PAAF! Copy X appears, Dr. Wily fixed him again! (Copy X II -made in china-); commands for cease of fire and that Dr. Wily will became one of the commanders in Neo Arcadia, It was a quite a shock, especially to me! I mean this guy? who was banned from Neo Arcadia long time ago, came again?!! and a commander? by Copy of X orders? X??! waaahh! -face plam- made in china for sure!
Zero gets in a long deep shit, to retrieve Dark Elf against Neo Arcadia, Dr. Wily and the world for the sake of not repeating the mistake of hundred years ago, He fights many Robots bosses; 8 Bosses like every classic Rockman game, reaching the final climax:

Zero manages to defeat Omega's Dark Elf-enhanced form, defeating him twice, but out of Omega's remains emerges a Reploid that looks exactly like Zero. Weil then informs Zero that he is merely a&nbsp;</span><i style="border-image-outset: initial; border-image-repeat: initial; border-image-slice: initial; border-image-source: initial; border-image-width: initial; border: 0px; font-size: 14px; line-height: 21px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; text-align: start; vertical-align: baseline;">copy</i><span style="font-size: 14px; line-height: 21px; text-align: start;">&nbsp;and that Omega occupies his true, original form, which Zero barely defeats. Then, before Omega is rejoined with the Dark Elf, the Guardians come and do further damage to him. X reappears and tells Zero that what Weil says is true: they battled Omega in the past and sealed him long ago.X explains that the defeated Omega is using Zero's original body,but the copy of Zero's body still has the true heart of Zero. Zero decides that he must finish Omega off, regardless of whether or not he occupies his original body. Omega explodes, knocking Zero "unconscious," and he sees visions of X. X tells him that he is out of energy and can no longer remain in the human world. X is confident that Zero will carry on the battle to protect peace and fades away. X is then believed to have "retired into cyberspace." The Guardians also die in the explosion. The Dark Elf brings Zero's unconscious body back to the Resistance HQ and, with Weil's curse broken, the Dark Elf becomes the Mother Elf once again and flies away.
<span style="font-family: &quot;courier new&quot; , &quot;courier&quot; , monospace;"><a href="">-from Wikia MMKB</a></span><br />

Rockman Zero IV: The finishing of the story for Zero series, where He protect a young journalist human girl from Mavericks riding, and got bullied even after saving them, because in their point of view the resistance are the one who corrupted the peace and started the war, so they flee from Neo Arcadia to Area Zero to start a new life along side with robots.<br />
Zero defend them even they are such a**holes from Mavericks and lunch a full scale attack on their nearby bases backing up by his team; Ciel, Cerveau and the others (while the main Resistance Base is far away, they had their materials transported with them and operators managing their access). Without knowing there was a plan under ground by Dr. Wily, The Ragnarok, a space station with a larger beam than the old one as Skull Blaze from Rockman World V, a beam that can destroy a city, while Dr. Wily attacking from the space, Zero sneaks into the spaceship to confort Dr. Wily in his final fight. Ciel was really afraid and didn't wish him to go, but Zero insisted that the enemies shall be eliminated, and gone.

After a ton of hardship to reach the final destination of Dr. Wily, He fused himself with the Ragnarok and the fight starts with a count down, while the spaceship is falling, thanks to Craft's effort xD... The fight was so heated up, and the pieces of the spaceship falling aparts, the sky is red because of the speed of the fall from space to the earth and getting into the atmosphere, somehow Zero manage to defeat Dr. Wily's immense power, but the cost was so precious, where Zero couldn't leave the falling spaceship... the scene ends by people looking at the parts of Ragnarok falling like falling stars. with an amazing view of the late evening, while Ciel crying on her knees about the passed away Zero, She barely stand up believing in his last words that He will come again...

¦¦ A whole new dimension ¦¦ Rockman ZX Series ¦¦

Everything from the past was erased The two series of Rockman ZX and the Rockman ZX Advent take place after 200 years after Zero events...
The near of area Z where the refuges from Dr Wily's attack by the Ragnarok got shelter, they established a new city, when the Neo arcadia (the dome city) became a an old fashioned legend, and the former wars and dark history was erased from people's minds. &nbsp; A law made that gives equality between humans and robots, humans get mechanical parts and robot have a short life span.
Back in the history, Dr. Ciel made from the remains of the legendary reploids as Rockman (or X) and Zero a new high tech. devices which can fuse with Human or Robot to give them a power up weapons, called Biomental of ''Rock On system'', There exists 6 essential Biomental made by her: Model X from Rockman, Z from Zero, H of the sage Harpuia, P of the ninja Phantom, F for the Finfir and L for Levianthan. (X,Z,H,P,F,L)... In time Ciel disappears in a mysterious way, It says that someone from the 'Governement's higher ups' attacked the resistance's base... her faith is unknown, the little Allouette the one was holding a doll in her hand (a robot) was dear to Ciel and her assistant (You can see her on base and growing up to be an assistant in Cyber elf researches in the lab through the series of Rockman Zero...) and becoming the commander of Resistance Base after her big sis disappearance under the name of 'Prairie'.

In the first of Series a new Hero/heroine make appearance, working as delivery man in his/her friend's agency ''GiroExpress'', Giro, was asked to deliver a special package to the Resistance, few reploids attacks the two young delivery men, the hero falls into a deep hill, leading him to the former area Z, where the falling Eurasia destroyed site (In Megaman Xtreme period), but now Its turned a vast forest the life came back to there, inside the package was the Biomental of the legendary Rockman known also as X, just in the near area, Prairie and her team was attacked by a giant snake, Biomental X offer Its power to the young hero in order to protect the resistance at the time, once the hero defeat the enemy, Prairie accepts the hero to work for her, later Giro reveals that He also made Rock On with the Biomental Z. The story progress where the hero looses his cool and rush to area D to protect a wave of attacking robot of the innocent people,the reason of his reaction still they make a strategy but the herodidn't listen and gone, Giro didn't leave his best friend go alone so He followed him before he does something stupid... Later on, He gets ambushed by two powerful reploids, Pandora and Prometheus. and the a higher up of the governement shows up controlling his best friend and employer Giro, and forcing them to face eachothers, of course the fight rage on and the hero win's without giving his friend a fatal wound, but they got a powerful shock waves from the bad guys, leaving them to face their deaths, Giro forfeit his life, and give the remaining power and the biomental Z to the hero and saving his life, the poor hero blamed himself (well He died because of his rushing to the battle field without thinking).

With the story continues, the hero try to gather all the biomentals to prevent them in falling in the wrong hands, with his initial Biomental X and the given Biomental Z from his late friend forming an incredible Humanoid/Rockman under the name of Model Zxwhich Its so hard to achieve, infact a double fusion of biomental was never being achieved before. &nbsp;The use of the other biomentals were also achieved by double fusion with Model X, like Hx, Lx, Px and Fx... It is not weird because after all the 4 guardians were from the DNA of X or formely known as Rockman, but the combination of Z and X was pretty damn hard to believe as they are whole different entities, maybe of their close bonds over the time? While the story gets deeps, many secrets reveals of the past and present, and a forbidden Biomental revealed, an evil one, It was recommended by the Dr. Ciel in the past of Its devilish aura, and ordered of Its disposal but a crew member got affected by It and killed the most of the team members, including the indecent of disappearance of Ciel, which still unknown as said before. and that crew member is the higher up that killed Giro. The cause was that of the model W, a.k.a the Biomental from the remains of the banned Dr. Wily fused with the pieces of Ragnarok. The hero fights that higher up in a final battle and gets his revenge, and delivers the biomental in custody and security of the resistance.

Years passes, the biomentals got stolen by Mavericks, the main hero goes in pursuit of the models... In the other hand, Rockman ZX Advent, a new hero takes place, a reploid discovered in a mysterious and abandoned lab, opening his eyes in a capsule thanks to the battle between hunters and mavericks, while escaping from the Pandora who attacked him, He fights a giant Gudo in a bridge which wont last therefor It falls, later the hero wakes up in hunters camp and joining with them. (In case of the heroine, She is already with hunters, but got attacked by Prometheus).

Later in the story, in the pursuit of a train, He discovers model A, a biomental made after Albert, one of the head scientist who made this biomental of this new era, that rivals Ciel's model, with an ability to transform to any robot by taking their DNA, Albert is also an other higher up that became more involved with the model W to gain more power like his previous team mate Serent, the one who killed Giro in the previous serie.