Ingress: Tangier report #10

Tangier, 23 August 2016:
*Longest link ever in Tangier's portals 7 KMs;
    Stade Tanger <-> Sculpture de Plage

Tangier; 24 August 2016
 Many portals run low on energy, thus, now they're uncaptured, I will wait more until other portals neutralise, and then we will capture (without establishing links: THIS IS IMPORTANT), once all portals of Tangier are captured, we're going to establish multiple MU layers inside of each others to optimise a great field of MU!
Stay Tuned!

Tangier's current status (24 August 2016):
Captured ENL: 12
Captured RES: 3
Incaptured: 10

Key Players:   Carameled (ENL), Doudiiiiiiii(ENL), Labook(ENL), luniz(RES), riussus(ENL), YuriTakamiya(RES).