World of Pokemon!

As a Pokemon fan, I played the game since 2002, which means for 14 years! Well I am not a geeky person, but I am totally in love with this game, the first game I ever played of Pokemon is without doubt Pokemon Yellow! (I think It's my second best after Crystal), well I didn't finish Pokemon Yellow because, ermm I got stuck in the road between Misty's city to Lavander Town, when you use Cut after obtaining the HM from the Captain, well at the time I was a kid and so stupid, so I gave the game (and I taught, ''Eeww, this shitty game has a bug!!'' LOL, sadly true story!). So I bought both Pokemon Version Red&Blue.
Guess what?!! the same thing happened, not only that but also, hey wait where is Pikachu? where's the other trio?? should I choose one of the 3 starters?? Yeah an other fail again, yep, but then I knew It was supposed to be different because every Version have a different name duuhhh! Bingo! After trying and trying I figured out how to use HMs, and then continued playing and playing until I entered the hall of fame of the 3 versions, and got Mewtwo!! (Wohoooo!). My next Version after that was Silver, ''OMG'' I said to myself, just the cover of disc was so shiny and the Lugia's picture was soo soo sexy! yeyeyeyey!!! Once I stared the game; New graphics HD!! Pokemon sprites changed, new moves new story new hero?? =O ooww I was so exited, I didn't go out from my house over 3 weeks (Summer holidays), I still remember I was so happy and couldn't stop playing! and there I discovered my favorite Pokemon; Umbreon. and got surprised when I saw Kanto Region, and fighting Red???!!! =O =o =O Whaat?!!! (: of course, I kicked His ass ''huehueheu''
Umbreon, my favorite pocket monster! (=
And then, when Ruby and Saphir released, I wated 4 years until I got GameboyAdvance, to be honest I didn't like the new Pokemons, but the gameplay was formidable, I fell in love even more with the game when I played Emerald, when Rayquaza shows up to stop the batlle between the beasts, so epic!!! I loved It so much, after this Version, then I played many Hacks this is the last of few hacks I played (as I remember); Shiny Gold, Naranja, Liquid Crystal, Bronze, Brown, Ash Gray, Lightning Yellow, Quartz, Dark Energy, Light Platinum, Flora Sky, Ultra Violet, Glazed, Victory Fire, Ruby Destiny Series, Prism... (and more..). After obtaining the Nintendo DS, I started by Pearl, and Platinum, those were an amazing experiences, I loved the new graphics, Story was at least better than 3rd generation, I enjoyed It! Also I played Pokemon Rangers and Dungeon Rescue, then, the new Generation of DSi showed up with the ultimate versions Of Black&White 1 & 2, the animations and the overworld were so detailed and well made, the adventure was more realistic and It was long and hard to maximise the satisfaction to the top!! Yeaaaahh!!
Currently, there X&Y, and the upcoming version of Z and the remake for Yellow! Until now I didn't play them, they say the first 3D game of Pokemon is the best ever made, I am so existed to play them! But I don't have much time, someday I will...really hope so! Anime:
Oh, I don't think It is necessary to talk about this because It so obvious, the first season was overwhelming, me and my big bro (I was 11 years old, 13 y.o. for him), everytime we get out of school, we come running to not miss any episode on TV while eating muffings and hot black tea that Mom made us Same goes for 2nd season and Johto adventure!! fascinating, the first movie (Mewtwo's movie) was a big hit! infact We raced for the Movie Theater for tickets, but there was only few people, geez people of Tangiers were and still stupid, so ignorant they don't know what is pokemon all about...grrrrr ..Not until... next seasons were suck.. and Ash won't grow up LOL, It feels weird, but to be honest the anime became boring and soo commercial, so i droped It, and didn't watch any episode from that time, until 2015, in the release of 4 episodes of (Pokemon - Origins), THIS WAS ROCK SO ROCK!!! Tears came out from my eyes, that happiness! ahhh Red's original story!