Habbo Life: An experience that you'll never forget...

Habbo, is a virtual online game and social network primary aimed to teenagers (which its not the case), founded by Sulake in 2000, available in many countries (first by countries, and then sorted by languages after the merge of each hotel of the country (i.e .co.uk), it said that there are actually over 300 million avatars and average of 5 million visitors all over the hotels.
Its all about chat and discussions, romance and friendship, playing games and RPG, room building and participating in events and quests. Ultimately, to get badges, titles, fame and reputation.
 Habbo has quite history, an old school online game unlike the others being here over 16 years and still on operating and developing their technical system and safety of teenagers, involving parents and shit. limiting purchases and that. The most notable events that everyone should know, even you, if you were new to Habbo (noob or newbie), those events you should know about them in order to be at least a normal citizen of Habbo (beside following Habbo way and reading that Citizenship track), which the Habbo's history knew:

+ Bobba bar; early stages of Habbo concept, also there was a Disco thing I feel lazy to talk about that thing, because it doesn't concern the actual shit.
+ Raids; there were many raids, especially in the golden era (2004-2006) where the trolls were bumped to  the max! I personally was one who participated in many! Most common ones are "Pool of AIDS", "Frank is a sissy" and "Afro/black people's freedom". ( I will talk about this later).
+ English Hotel merge; In 2010, there was a merge of countries that use English hotels such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, N.Z, Malaysia, Phillipines and so on. The merge was set one by one till it was all done before noticing to .com
+ The great unmute/mute; There was a report at British Channel 4, that you still can find it on youtube about sexual harassement and paedos, yeah! That was true LOL, as a troll I was qute shocked to see old faggot doing that but Idc, anyway,Habbo muted all hotels around the globe and started a new filtering system, new modification in technical thing and major changes on safety procedures and control for days, greate unmute was held in a separate site where habbos made their own feeds, the it came the boom!

After this last event, everyone noticed the drastic decease of users, in 2016 and after my personal researches and talk with my old friends who quite or still at hotel, we can segment reasons as the following:
+ Removing the old school layouts and interface (old habbo).
+ Troll and scam (= [mission accomplished (; ]
+ Reputation of Habbo because of harassment and sexual explicit.
+ Addictive.
+ School, work or anything related to wasting my time on imaginary bullshit. This is what I found out from my personal researches and that.

Currently Habbo is operating in several countries/languages English, French, Spanish, Finnish, Turkish, Dutch and German ( and others I forgot).